Audience Reviews

Thank you for the inspiring festival with all its excellent performances. A great gift!

Es war wieder ein wunderbares Festival und hat viel Mut gemacht zu wieder viel mehr Theater.

Congratulations on the 2022 festival edition under these special conditions! It was very nice, stimulating hours with interesting and special performances, numerous reunions (often after a long time) and good exchange. I would like to thank you again for the usual but not self-evident hospitality, the flexibility and openness in the interest of the guests!

It's crazy and great to manage a festival like panoptikum at this time. Thanks for that and great idea with the ribbon as proof of the vaccination data. Healthy greetings!

Thank you for a week full of stories, experiences, impressions - with good theatre. It was worth it! I hope you are happy to go into a few quiet days.

It's done! We are laughing hard, "Corona-drooling". We are very happy that everything went smoothly on the proverbial stage and congratulate you very, very much.

Thank you for a wonderful festival! How nice that you dared the madness - I was quite inspired by the atmosphere during and between the performances. It was really good!

It was again a very nice festival despite all the adversities that had to be overcome. You guys did a great job!

Thank you so much for inviting us this year. We had a fantastic time in Nuremberg thanks to you and your very well organised festival and very friendly team. We felt very welcome!

Thank you so much for a great stay in Nürnberg and at your festival.

We were so happy that it was possible to come and for you to make the festival happen despite the difficult circumstances. Congrats on that and well done!

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